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Our Committees

Audit Committee

Our audit committee will be comprised of 3 members, of our independent directors, being Mr. Suresh Ramamurthi, Mr. David Taghioff, Mr. Deepak Nayar and Dr Klaas Baks.

Compensation Committee

Our compensation committee is comprised of 3 members, Mr. Suresh Ramamurthi, Mr. David Taghioff and Dr Klaas Baks, each of whom is an independent director.

Our team includes two current and one former senior executives from Reliance Entertainment Holdings Private Limited, AP International Group and Walt Disney Company India, respectively. Shibasish Sarkar, our Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Sanjay Wadhwa, our Director and who will serve as our strategic advisor and Vishwas Joshi, our Chief Financial Officer, collectively hold decades of operational experience at the aforementioned companies.

Our Management Team

Our Independent Directors